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"Bad Relationship"

Not many people know about my first serious relationship. I brush it off and call it a “bad relationship” without really talking much more about it. But I feel the need to explain the situation that I found myself in only to hopefully help someone else.

I was 18 when I started dating a boy. He was going into his junior year at a prestigious private college in SC. Our families were friends and we had flirted all throughout highschool. The timing was finally right and we decided to give a relationship a shot. That first summer started out perfect, he looked at me in ways I had never been looked at. He made me feel like I was the most important thing in the world to him. He made me feel special. This was love I thought to myself.

Soon the fights began. Over silly things like me going to a bachelorette party. He got mad at me for going to a coworkers house for the party. Said that it was trashy and more or less called me a slut for participating in such a thing. I ended up crying at the party and had to have someone take me home early. He told me he didn’t want me to go to the beach with him anymore and then he wouldn’t answer my phone calls. All because I went to a party that he didn’t agree with.

The next day he apologized, bought me something nice, and told me it wouldn’t happen again.

It did. Over and over and over. To the point where I would do nothing but go to class, go to work, come home, and Skype with him. He had my class schedule written down and tacked up to his bulletin board in his room. He knew where I was at all times. If I didn’t text him enough I got yelled at. If I text him too much I got yelled at.

Eventually I stopped spending time with any other guys because his jealousy scared me. I was in tears every other night. I would come to his school whenever he asked, sometimes even skipping class to go, because in his mind he was more important than my education

Through everything, I still came back to him. My greatest fear in life was losing him. No one else would ever want to be with me. I was a stupid girl after all. I was lucky to have him. He showered me with expensive gifts and he still made me feel special. After all, he was only acting this way because he loved me so much.

I wasn’t allowed to wear make-up. I was expected to wear the style of clothing that he felt was appropriate.

Months into the relationship-countless nights of sleep lost, and hundreds of dollars later (I spent way too much money on him trying to show my commitment and love)- he broke up with me. The following day, he was with a girl from his school.

I was devastated. It took me at least 6 months to recover and feel the slightest bit whole again.

Looking back, I feel that he finally ended things because I was beginning to stand up for myself. Making decisions against his will, and telling him “no.” I never would have ended things. I couldn’t, I loved him, and I was manipulated into thinking that he loved me.

Abusive relationships never start out that way. It is hard to see that you are in one because you are blinded by the lies and manipulation. You completely lose yourself and it takes so much to come back from that.

Ladies, please understand your worth. Know that you are worthy of unconditional love.

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With you I have felt such a range of emotions.
I have felt things that I did not know I could feel.
I have felt things that I cannot put into words.
You are the one that I do not want to imagine my life without.
I want to wake up next to you every day for the rest of my life.

And that scares me more than anything.

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Long Distance Relationships

So everyone always says that LDRs are hard, and a lot of people my age say that they aren’t worth it.

My belief is that if you are in a long distance relationship and it doesn’t feel worth it, then it is the person you are with who isn’t worth it. I’ve been in my relationship going on two years. Yes we’ve had ups and downs, and even some time apart. But not once have I ever felt that he was not worth the sacrifices of being long distance.

Skeptics say that the likelihood of cheating is higher in a LDR. I believe that the likelihood of cheating rests solely on the people in the relationship. If you are a committed individual you will not cheat…Though there are moments of weakness, it goes back to whether or not you believe your partner is worth giving up convenient pleasures for.

I think a LDR is a great experience for people. It allows you to learn more about yourself because you have the opportunity to reflect on your feelings and actions. You also learn about what you need in a relationship. How long do you feel comfortable going without seeing your significant other? How often do you need to hear their voice? How reliant are you on physical intimacy to keep your relationship afloat?

More than anything, my LDR has helped my partner and me become better communicators. We are able to work through our problems through discussions. There is no opportunity to just “kiss and make up.” If we want things to change, we have no choice but to talk about them.

I feel I have learned more about my partner being apart than I would have if we had been in the same town this whole time. While I may not know every little habit, I do know the more important things. And knowing those big things will help me deal with smaller issues later.

Don’t get me wrong, I cannot wait until the day that we share a home together, but I am happy that our situation is the way that it is.

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The American collegiate system in one gif set

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"I look at you, and I just love you, and it terrifies me. It terrifies me what I would do for you."
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you’re not allowed to wear a cotton t-shirt unless you’re a true fan! do you go to the fields and look at it? do you appreciate the agricultural implications of a gigantic cotton industry? do you understand the harvesting process? name 5 cotton harvesting machines. didn’t think so

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Hagrid’s Home for Magical Creatures - Created by Anna-Maria Jung
Available for sale on Society6.


Hagrid’s Home for Magical Creatures - Created by Anna-Maria Jung

Available for sale on Society6.

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"Don’t marry a man unless you would be proud to have a son exactly like him."
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Could not find a quote more fitting.



Could not find a quote more fitting.

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"If you want to learn what someone fears losing, watch what they photograph."

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This hit me harder than I expected.

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Moving back home after being out for the past 3.5 years is difficult.

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